Roll Me To Hahn's Haus


Solid night of sleep. Round of two of pool. Explored the beach village and froze our toes in the Baltic Sea. 

Classic German weather- it poured all day. Drove east to Kühlungsborn another beach town. Arrived with time to spare so late taught Lena and lizzy "Roll Me", the song Kate recorded for Pat Macdonald tribute album. Since it was raining, our only option for filming was with an iPhone in the car. This makes for a surprisingly good sound booth. 

Our venue for the evening was Tillmann Hahn's Gasthaus. Tillmann is a Michelin-starred chef. The dinner was delicious. The dessert was divine. 

Once again, we felt like we were playing for friends at a dinner party. 

Unfortunately, Tillmann had to cover as chef at his other restaurant, so he couldn't be there for our performance. But he was kind enough to stop by after the place closed to meet. We traded a CD for a cookbook and took a couple photos with the team. 

Long drive back through the downpour, but we kept ourselves awake by making up songs based on our German adventures. 


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  • Janet
    Cool venue!

    Cool venue!

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