Corner In The Quarter


Chill morning/afternoon. Found a cool semi-secret coffee shop in a shipping yard and had lunch at the lake. 

Back to the music & glad to be in Bremen for the evening. We played at Heldenbar, a small bar above another cinema. Our stage was a cozy nook in the far corner of the room. The neighborhood, The Quarter, is a Brooklyn-esque scene with clothing boutiques and restaurants. Walking around before the show, we ran into a couple familiar faces - the musicians that played before us at Aromatico, our second Germany gig, were out having drinks with friends. They ended up coming to our first set down the street and weren't the only familiar faces either. One of the guests from the living room concert came with a buddy and our new friend Petra was there as well. The space really filled up. 

Great way to kick off our last week. Tomorrow we're headed to the Baltic Sea. 


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  • Janet
    Great pictures!

    Great pictures!

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