Cajón ya get any bigger?!


Last round of laundry and more exploring in The Quarter.

Traveled through lots of country roads to get to our venue in Brake. At ten til 7, the place was empty and we were sure we'd be playing to no one. But, by 6:59, the room was packed. It seemed to be one of the few things happening on a Saturday night in this small town.

This audience made up for the night before. One member even had a perfectly timed sneeze and everyone found it as funny as we did.

After playing, we had a mean craving for ice cream. We were told there was an eis café in the square and we had 20 minutes til closing. We made it with minutes to spare.

Another drive back to Bremen. Just as we're getting to know these roads.



***Bonus photos: We opted to use Songs & Whispers cajón instead of flying with one. It turns out to be the largest cajón to ever exist. See below.


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