Take Me To Church


Check-in meeting with Julia from Songs & Whispers to go over our upcoming week. Our show was at Immanuel Gemeinde in Bremen, just a short drive from the apartment. Our first church gig. Heiko of Songs & Whispers met us there and introduced us to our host, Hieko. While we were setting up, we noticed a gigantic gong in the corner. Heiko #1 lined us up in front of it and struck the gong repeatedly, making the sound grow until it was nearly vibrating the whole room.

We shared the show with Aaron English and Elizabeth Hareza, who are also our flatmates during the tour. Their voices blended beautifully and filled the space.

Petra, a dedicated follower of Songs & Whispers, requested "Rattlin' Bog". We weren't sure it fit the venue, but we promised her we'd play it. Once again, "Bog" didn't let us down. We were glad to have Julia in the audience and Heiko #1 help with soundcheck. Heiko #2 gave us a lovely introduction and pointed us in the direction of a good ice cream café.

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