Sony and The Spice Girls


Our first private living room concert. A few years ago, Frank won a private show on a radio contest and has been booking them once a year since.

Our schedule advised us to get there at 12:30, about a solid hour earlier than we were expected. No one said anything, but we think it caused a bit of confusion. We hung out in the dining room eating sandwiches and drinking coffee.

Once we started playing, things got more comfortable. It felt like we were hanging out with friends. We learned that Frank's guests had traveled from all over Germany to be there. And they were ready to have a good time.

We had a tight schedule and needed to leave right away for our next gig, but we made time for their impressive dessert spread.

Left for Sonnendeck in Dangast, a beach town in the north. Driving in and out of rain, we weren't sure how things would play out when we got there. We arrived with no time to spare, set up in their covered patio, and played to a full room. After a few songs, our friends from Litfaß walked in. We were pretty exhausted, but we pushed through two sets. The energy of the little kids in the front row kept us moving.

Kay generously offered to treat us to dinner and drinks back at Litfaß and we gladly accepted. Sony, one of the chefs, made us the best Indian food we've ever had, using his mother's spices imported from New Delhi. It was the perfect way to end a long day.

Now for 2 days off!



*we were so beat today we didn't take any pictures so we found a picture of Sonnendeck online. 


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