Opelika The Show

"I realized something tonight. All the music I've listened to before tonight was garbage." - Sunny Merchant


The Reckless Daughters are back on the road after a year away. We're hoping to get back to Germany in 2020, but we opted to head south this year.

We'll be hitting Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Flew into Atlanta yesterday and had a lovely night with friends from The Holiday Music Motel crew.

Picked up a cajón from a friend of a friend on our way to Opelika, AL (pronounced oh-puh-LIKE-uh) and headed to our venue, The Sound Wall.

Stopped by Pannie George's for some chicken and dumplings, okra, and cornbread. 10/10 recommend.

Had some time before soundcheck so we went for a little walk around Auburn University. We struck up a conversation with one of the food truck owners on campus, Sunny, and we invited him to our show.

Got to The Sound Wall and dropped our things in the artist loft above the venue. It's a beautiful open space fit for Apartment Therapy. The venue itself is a newly renovated house built in 1907 that's part recording studio, part listening room. Owners Rob and Jen Slocumb have created a stunning place. See before and afters here.

We had a quick soundcheck with Rob and met Kate Hood, The Sound Wall's superb Event Assistant.

First time playing together in a while. Felt good.

The highlight of our night was the arrival of our new friend Sunny and the time we got to spend with him after the show. Sunny moved to Alabama a few months ago after graduating college in May, bought a food truck, and is now serving his mother's recipes to the students of Auburn.

Having a lunch date with Kate tomorrow at Sunny's food truck, Good Karma, before heading to Birmingham.


Stay tuned, stay reckless.

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