One Woman Dance

Late morning jam resulted in a new mash up.  We added "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby" (as heard in O'Brother Where Art Thou?) to our set and found a way to weave it into The SteelDrivers' "If It Hadn't Been For Love".  

Drove to Rotenburg which reminded Kate and Lizzy of a German Corrales (the farming village they grew up in).  

We knew we liked Aromatico, the venue, before we set foot inside. As we pulled in, we could see an abundance of flowers inside the green house and we could hear the faint melody of "Sweet Home Alabama".  

Kristin and Daniel greeted us with hospitality in our favorite form: food. And a beautiful space to play. The audience was quiet and still, but receptive. One member stood out.  One woman dancing.  Amidst her fixed counterparts she moved like leaf in the breeze. Her joy was contagious. She's a true reckless daughter.  

A guitar strap incident inspired an added improv number. Audiences love mishaps.

The big yellow moon accompanied us back to our Bremen flat.  

Stay tuned, stay reckless.

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