My Oh My

Headed to Delmenhorst to record a song at Radio Weser TV. We decided to do "November", a newer tune that Kate co-wrote with Patrick Kelly and Loren Tee at The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. It will be posted on Radio Weser TV's YouTube channel in the next couple weeks, along with a short interview.

We got to talking with Maria, the station intern, who did a year exchange program in Houston, Texas. As a funny coincidence, she also happened to work at the theater next door to the place we were playing at night. Maria taught us a couple new German words to help us introduce our songs.

Our night show was at Shakespeare's Theater-Pub in Wyhe. Our sound guy, Tobias, got us set up in record time and we enjoyed a meal at Garb's next door.

At the end of our 2 sets, the audience asked for more. We ran out of songs to play, so we winged it. After scrambling to find an initial groove, we each settled into our parts. The lyrics were language-blind (gibberish), until the chorus, where the words that came out were simply, "My oh my", as a sort of reference to our favorite Punch Brothers song. It was easy enough for everyone to sing. And they did.

Tomorrow we play at a university in Bremen, and then it's off the Belgium and The Netherlands. Gonna be a bit of a crazy week.




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