Clap-happy Time Travelers

We're back on track! Up to date.

Finally got to do laundry. Discovered Ali Baba, our new favorite neighborhood Turkish spot with ayran* on tap.

We were looking forward to our show at Kreismuseum Syke, an open-air folk museum. When we got there, we found out we'd be playing in a farmhouse built in 1747! Heidi prepared an abundant spread for us in the back room. Eating dinner in there felt like we'd gone back in time. 

This was our most clap-happy crowd yet and we were digging it. Strangely, the space felt churchier than last night. Something about this performance felt particularly comfortable and connected.



*On our first German grocery trip, we intended to buy creamer for coffee. Without being able to read any labels, we mistakenly got ayran, a salty Turkish yogurt drink. It's still in our fridge.  


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