Show for the day is at Hafen 2 in Offenbach, only 20 minutes drive from Schalander. It's an open air venue on the water with a cafe, bar, and loads of space for people to lounge outside. They also have…

Hand Claps & Hand Cheese

Arrived in Maintal and greeted by Birgit at Schalander. This is our only repeat venue from last year and it's one of our all time favorites. We were immediately presented with a stocked food basket. We had plenty of time…

Have You Heard the Neuss?

Woke up refreshed, got some groceries, and headed to our next destination. On our way to Neuss, we stopped in Cologne for a picnic and an outdoor rehearsal. Tonight’s gig was a Sofa Concert called Rhinestage, hosted by Maik and…

Return-a-me to Germany

*currently one day behind, but we intend to get on track*

Easy flight. Had the royal treatment on Singapore Airlines economy. Picked up a sweet Schlagwerk cajón from Henry at Cream Music (the oldest music store in Germany, according…


Last blog post, last day in Germany. We decided to make it a vlog.


Tracy Byrnes of Riddle & The Stars


Saying bye to Lena

Cajón ya get any bigger?!


Last round of laundry and more exploring in The Quarter.

Traveled through lots of country roads to get to our venue in Brake. At ten til 7, the place was empty and we were sure we'd be…



Last meeting with Songs & Whispers. Said goodbye to Julia. One more stop at Lloyd's, the coffee shop in the shipping yard.

We'll make this short and to the point. This night's gig was our toughest yet…

Roll Me To Hahn's Haus


Solid night of sleep. Round of two of pool. Explored the beach village and froze our toes in the Baltic Sea. 

Classic German weather- it poured all day. Drove east to Kühlungsborn another beach town. Arrived with…

Dip and Steam


Left early for the Iberotel Boltenhagen, a resort on the Baltic Sea, in order to take full advantage of their pool and sauna. We got there with just enough time for a quick dip and steam. 

Corner In The Quarter


Chill morning/afternoon. Found a cool semi-secret coffee shop in a shipping yard and had lunch at the lake. 

Back to the music & glad to be in Bremen for the evening. We played at Heldenbar, a small…

Midday Scream


2 welcome days off.

Took it real easy on day 1. Kate and Lizzy ventured out to Universum Bremen, the science museum in the shape of a giant clam. Their activities included cranking gears, slapping tornadoes…

Sony and The Spice Girls


Our first private living room concert. A few years ago, Frank won a private show on a radio contest and has been booking them once a year since.

Our schedule advised us to get there at 12:30…