"Call Back The Dogs" music video at Montclair Film Festival

"Call Back The Dogs" music video screened at the Montclair film festival this weekend, paired with "A Song For You", a captivating documentary detailing the history of Austin City Limits.

Fun fact: I first set eyes on Tom Waits while my mother was watching a re-run of his 1978 performance on Austin City Limits. It was intoxicating for my 6-year-old self and nothing's changed.

New Single - "Second Skin" Podcast

"Second Skin" premieres in The Deli Magazine.  Listen Here

"Featuring The Reckless Daughters and ambling to a guitar-lined looseness reminiscent of Tom Waits’ swampy gem “Clap Hands,” the bluesy track is as ruggedly resilient as its title suggests, climbing back up from down-home hardache."


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